Deposing An Expert Witness Part 2

In How to Prepare for, Take and Use a Deposition, litigator Daniel P. Dain writes “The deposition of an expert witness is the culmination of the opposing party’s defense or prosecution.” Mr. Dain is a founder and the managing partner of Brennan, Dain, Le Ray, Wiest, Torpy & Garner in Boston, MA. His book includes over 50 forms in print & on CD, including custom-crafted motions & case-specific deposition checklists. Topics include:

Goals and Strategies Legal Research of Issues Written Discovery of Expert Witness Opinions Sample: Interrogatory to Identify Expert Witness and Opinions General Outline of Expert Deposition Qualifications of Expert Under FRE 702 Impeachment of Expert’s Qualifications The Expert’s Understanding of Case Related Facts Basis for Each Opinion of the Expert Scientific, Technical or Specialized Kowledge Under FRE 702 Authoritative Treatises Expert Opinions Scope of Examination of Expert Witness Putting It All Together Into a Deposition Outline

Excerpted from How to Prepare for, Take and Use a Deposition.