Patents Expert Witness On Pharmaceutical Patents Part 2

On his website, patents expert witness Manfred E. Wolff writes:

Crucial goals in patent preparation to minimize such pitfalls–both “design around” attacks and invalidation attacks–include strict attention to the question “what is the correct identification of the invention”; full disclosure of the invention; fully enabling the invention; correct listing of inventorship; clear understanding of the prior art; and the preparation of broad, carefully crafted claims that are fully supported by the disclosure.

The utilization of patent professionals who have broad managerial experience in industrial pharmaceutical R&D–particularly when the inventors are relatively inexperienced regarding some of these pitfalls–markedly facilitates the attainment of these goals and is a highly effective means to produce bullet-proof patents. Intellepharm patent professionals have the experience and insight into these issues to make this possible.

Manfred E. Wolff has been involved in strategic planning for pharmaceutical research since 1988, first with a subsidiary of SmithKline Beckman, and later as Senior Vice-President for R&D at Immunopharmaceutics, Inc. Since founding Intellepharm, Inc., he has conducted planning sessions for a number of biotechnology start-ups.