Construction Site Expert Witness On Becoming An Expert

In The Straight Truth, The Life Of An Expert Witness, construction site expert witness William Gulya, Jr., President & CEO, Middlesex Trenching Company, writes:

So, why would you want to become an expert witness?

After all, the work can be very tedious and demanding. It can require the expenditure of long hours for two, three, or even four weeks at a time.

You will be under extreme pressure to meet deadlines from retaining counsel-and opposing counsel will look for, and seize upon, every opportunity to attack your credibility. While you are being deposed by opposing counsel, everything you have ever done will seemingly become fair game.

Your opinions will be questioned. Opposing counsel will attempt to pick you apart. Attorneys may even belittle you on the witness stand.

Throughout it all, you will have to remain calm, composed, and professional.

In light of everything I’ve mentioned, let me repeat the question-why would you want to become an expert witness?

The answer lies within each individual…

You may have years of extensive experience in a particular field.

You may have extensive education in a particular field or industry.

You may be looking for additional income.

You may be looking to retire, and seeking to put your experience to good use.

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