Construction Expert Witness On Defects Part 1

In Construction Process Can Lead to Defects, construction expert witness Michael S. Poles, GC, CM, RCI, DABFET, ACFE, writes on the complex process involved in a building project:

When relative to construction claims, the word defect also equates to financial disaster when it reaches litigation.

The process that it takes to construct any building project is an extremely complex process. It is replete with architects, engineers, professional societies and associations, manufacturers and suppliers, building officials, general contractors, specialty contractors, and a virtual army of labor which lends itself to numerous volumes, many years of education, and specialized training.

As with most businesses, construction is an extremely competitive industry. Often referred to as a “dog-eat-dog” way to make a living.

This article is intended to give the reader a thumbnail sketch of how the system, as it applies to the construction process, really works and how it can often lead to defects during construction.