Computers Expert Witness On Tactics In Depo & Testimony Part 3

In My Favorite Top 10 Strategies and Tactics Used by Expert Witnesses in Deposition and Trial Testimony, computers expert witness Judd Robbins writes:

Expert Witness Tactic #7: Whenever you attempt to answer a list-related question, end your answer with: “that’s all I can recall at this moment.” This permits you to bring up additional list items later.

Expert Witness Tactic #8: Answer questions as simply as possible. Yes or No is excellent, whenever possible. Stop as soon as you answer the question that was asked. Then just wait for the next question.

Expert Witness Tactic #9: Remember that you do not need absolute conclusions. You only need to express your best opinion, based on the most probable scenario, and to a reasonable degree of scientific or medical certainty.

Expert Witness Tactic #10: People realize that nobody knows everything, not even experts. What you do know, you should answer confidently. What you do not know, you should admit readily.

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