Computer Voting Expert Witness Testifies in Riverside CA Electonic Voting Hearings

Finnish computer voting expert witness Harri Hursti recommended in March that the Riverside, CA, Elections Review Committee drop their electronic voting machines. On July 17, 2007, the Riverside County “Blue Ribbon” Elections Review Committee will present the Board of Supervisors with the same recommentation. Riverside County is the first in the nation to move to touch-screen electronic voting systems. Now the county is being urged to use paper ballots which will be counted by optical scanners. The committee spent thousands of hours going over evidence contained in reports, interviews, and presentations by expert witnesses. As reported in the BradBlog:

The committee’s findings also match the recommendations made by SAVE R VOTE (Secure Accurate Verifiable Elections Require Voter Observation of Touchscreen Equipment) to both the “Blue Ribbon” Elections Review Committee (ERC) and the Board Of Supervisors (BoS) earlier this year.