Computer Forensics Expert Witness On Hacking Part 2

In I’ve Been Hacked! What Do I Do Now?, computer forensics expert witness Steven G. Burgess, Burgess Consulting and Forensics, writes:

It’s not really possible to be online and be 100% protected from hacking, but there are numerous measures you can take to make it not worth most anyone’s time. They include:

DO make sure that your Android is NOT rooted and that your iPhone is NOT jailbroken.

DON’T give any of your passwords to others.

DON’T use the same password for everything.

DO make sure that Administrator access on your computer is protected and accessible only to you (use a password).

DO disable Guest access on your computer.

DO disable remote logins
DO require a password to log onto your computer, phone or email.

DO check to see what ports on your computer are wide open do ne’er-do-wells at Gibson Reserach’s ShieldsUp! site

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