Commercial Motor Vechicles Expert Witnessses

Commercial motor vehicles expert witnesses may opine on truck drivers, truck driver qualifications, motor carrier safety, and correlated issues. In Effective Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Management Techniques, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration explains:

Many commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety managers are former drivers who have moved up “through the ranks” to a management position. Many progressed from being independent owner-operators to owning and managing their own fleet. Safety, proficiency, and productivity as a driver are likely to be factors that enable these individuals to progress to fleet ownership or a management position. The lessons they have learned on the job are applied to their management of others. However, many CMV safety managers have not had formal training in management, system safety, or the human factors of driving safety. Thus, their effectiveness as safety managers is likely to vary widely, with gaps in their knowledge of various safety problems or available management solutions. A necessary step toward making such knowledge available to carrier safety managers is the systematic compilation of information relating to CMV safety management and the establishment of a common body of knowledge to serve as the basis for improved training for managers or other means of disseminating safety management information to them.

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