Disability Insurance Expert Witnesses & Survey Findings

Disability insurance expert witnesses may opine on disability income insurance and disability insurance claims, among other topics. On their website, the Council for Disability Awareness discusses the The 2011 Council for Disability Awareness Long-Term Disability Claims Review:

CDA Survey Findings: Summary of Key Findings from Proprietary CDA Member Company Data
* $8.3 billion in long-term disability insurance claim payments were made in 2010 by CDA member companies that participated in this year’s study. This represents a 1% increase over payments made in 2009.
* Impact of the economic downturn on disability claims: 56% of participating companies reported increased claim incidence from 2009 to 2010, and most suggested the increase was impacted by the recession. By comparison, in the 2009 data, only 18% of participating companies reported increased claim incidence, 71% reported incidence to be flat and 11% reported decreased incidence.
* Impact of the economic downturn on employers providing group long-term disability programs: Participating companies reported 0.6% fewer employers offering group longterm disability insurance programs in 2010 compared to the prior year.

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