Insurance Expert Witness Defines Risk Management Terms Part 3

Insurance expert witness Jim Leatzow has been educating and insuring professionals about the risks to their businesses for twenty years. At, he offers a glossary of jargon associated with risk management. Two of the terms defined are:

Cashechtomy Pronounced “Cash-ech-tomee” Sounding like a medical term, this is the procedure whereby plaintiff’s attorneys from the “dark side” intentionally name firms in lawsuits even though they are aware that the claim is groundless and that just filing the lawsuit will cause the person or firm being sued or their insurance company to have to cough up some money in order not to incur far more expense through the process known as “discovery”.

Fairness The term “fairness” has little place in the American civil court system. The fact that you can be sued even though you did nothing wrong isn’t fair but it happens every day. Plaintiff’s attorneys know this very well and sue everyone they can to extract some money (see Cashechtomy) to help fund the rest of the case that may or may not have merit. There is virtually no downside to a plaintiff’s attorney suing you as the courts rarely discipline or sanction those who bring such lawsuits. Remember, they are all lawyers and part of the same “good ‘ole boys club” which allows this nonsense to prosper.