Call Center Industry Expert Witnesses

Call center industry expert witnesses may provide reports and opine concerning telemarketing, computer telephony integration, the call center industry, and related issues. The Telemarketing Connections Newsletter offers information of concern to the industry. Here are excerpts from the website:

Minnesota In Minnesota, a federal court has ruled that a debt collector did not have express consent to place an automated call to a consumer based on purchase of that consumer’s debt. The FCC standard for express consent requires more and users of automated telephone dialing systems or prerecorded message campaigns need to comply with the FCC standards.

Ohio An Ohio federal court has dismissed a private plaintiff’s claim against a telemarketer (Charvat v. NMP, LLC) holding that live telemarketing calls can only create one “violation” per call. The court ruled that automated calls were subject to the same limitation, i.e. one “violation” per automated call.