Call Center Industry Expert Witnesses

Call center industry expert witnesses may opine on telemarketing, call center agents, computer telephony integration, and related topics. In their white paper Data Security for Call Centers, Jim Beuoy & Dan WernerOKS-Ameridial Worldwide write:

The Payment Card Industry may not have direct regulatory authority over call centers, but it is safe to say that if data is compromised while in your center’s possession, someone is going to be very unhappy! Technically, credit card companies have a contract with the financial institutions that end up processing / posting credit card charges. Failure to comply with the PCI security standard can result in substantial fines and permanent expulsion from card acceptance programs. Call centers should be concerned because the PCI standards require that the financial institutions hold their down-line support services (i.e., the actual merchant and the other service providers) in compliance with the standards.

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