Building Codes Expert Witness On New York Building Permits

In The Building Permits New York Requires, building codes expert witness Christopher E. Chwedyk, AIA, CSI, writes:

According to New York City building codes, unless you’re only making a minor alteration or repair to your property, you’ll need to obtain a building permit before you commence work. The type of building permits New York requires for your project depends on the nature of the project itself and what type of construction will be happening.

There are four main types of building permits New York property owners may have to seek:

New Building – A new building permit is required when a construction project involves the creation of an entirely new structure. If there are plans to demolish an old building and replace it with a new one, this would also require a new building permit.
Alterations 1 – A type one alteration is one that involves a change to the Certificate of Occupancy of a property. Often, this occurs when a space is converted from a commercial building to a residential one or when an addition or extra floor is added.
Alterations 2 – A type two alteration is a large-scale project that involves several different types of work, such as plumbing, construction, and more. It does not require altering the building’s occupancy levels.
Alterations 3 – A type three alteration is a minor change to the building that only involves one type of work.

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