Automotive Braking Expert Witnesses Part 1

Automotive braking expert witnesses may opine on brake failure, brake trouble, and related topics. In How well do you know your brakes? Peter D. duPre, iCARumba’s Content Editor, gives tips that will help you stop safely and alert you to possible brake problems:

Pulsating pedal — If the pedal pulsates under your foot as you come to a normal stop, such as at a traffic light, you’ve probably got warped front rotors and need to have them repaired. On vehicles equipped with ABS, you may notice a rapidly pulsating pedal under hard braking. This is normal and is the car’s way of telling you that the ABS system is activated. But if you feel the pulsating during normal slow speed stops, get the brake system looked at by a professional as soon as possible.

Pulling to one side — If the vehicle pulls to one side when the brakes are applied, you may have a sticking front caliper. This can be extremely dangerous during inclement weather driving conditions and should be fixed immediately. Sometimes, though, the pulling is caused by uneven tire pressures, so check the air pressure before deciding the brakes are bad.

Squealing and grinding — Brakes aren’t supposed to make noise as they operate. If you hear a grinding or squealing sound when the pedal is applied, it is time for new brake shoes or pads. Get it done right away. Postponing service is not only unsafe, it could raise the cost of repairs.

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