Boxer Claims Nevada Athletic Commission Tampered With Sports Medicine Expert

31-year-old boxer Joey Gilbert was temporarily suspended in October when the Nevada Athletic Commission announced his positive drug tests. Now Gilbert has filed a motion with the commission to remove its executive director, Keith Kizer, from all further involvement in his case. The commission says Gilbert tested positive for a steroid, amphetamine and three other drugs before and after a fight on Sept. 21. Gilbert alleges that Kizer tampered with a witness when he e-mailed Voy, a respected sports medicine expert witness and author of “Drugs, Sport and Politics” who had agreed to draft a response to the commission, specifically Kizer. also reports:

After receiving Kizer’s e-mail, Voy informed Gilbert he would not complete the draft for him. ‘Contacting our expert witness with an accusation and intimidating e-mail is beyond comprehension,’ (Gilbert’s attorney) Schopper said. ‘I can’t speak for Mr. Gilbert, but I think the unfairness with which he’s proceeded against him in the media … It’s just appalling.’ At the end of the motion, Gilbert offers a partial explanation for a number of positive tests. He reveals he had a prescription for Valium, a sleeping aid that can remain in the system for up to 42 days and that can metabolize into nordiazepam, temazepam and oxazepam, three of the initial six drugs Gilbert tested positive for.