Biomechanics Expert Witness On Helmets & Concussion Part 4

In Do Helmets Prevent Concussion? biomechanics expert witness John D. Lloyd, Ph.D., M.Erg.S., CPE, CBIS, writes:

Protection against concussion and axonal injury is especially important for young players, including peewee, high school, and college participants, whose still-developing brains are more susceptible to the lasting effects of encephalopathy. Therefore, the need to develop headgear to protect susceptible individuals from life-changing brain damage is paramount.

Consistent with their innovative approach to meeting the challenges of brain trauma, combined with 20+ years of experience in biomechanics, and neurophysiology, BRAINS researchers have investigated several new technologies to measure and reduce the debilitating effects of concussion in football players. The team is poised to integrate their new technology into helmet design – a paradigm-shift in helmet construction – and bring to market a more comprehensive form of head gear to defend against catastrophic brain injuries while also mitigating linear forces associated with impact.