Be Forthcoming With Your Expert Witness

After you have thoroughly researched and hired an expert witness in your case, it is natural to want to get the best testimony possible from your expert. While it may be tempting to try and tell the expert what to say on the stand, the expert witness’s job is to find out the technical truth. Having the education, training, and experience to be an expert in their field probably means they are more knowledgable in their field than you are.

Make sure to provide your expert witness all the information available in your case. This may include medical records, blueprints, forensic evidence, etc. It may happen that you initally don’t like what they have to say regarding the facts in your case but having the expert opionion will help you work out the best legal approach possible. To that end, be forthcoming with the facts. Hiding evidence that you think is damaging to your case can backfire if that evidence comes out in the courtroom.