Bar Security Expert Witness On Business Security

In THE BUSINESS SECURITY TEST, bar security expert witness Robert A. Gardner, CPP, writes that “no business is totally immune from the threat of crime but a little prior planning and a few common sense precautions are all that is necessary to deter most criminals.”

Office Security 18. Do you record all equipment serial numbers and file them in a safe place?

19. Do you shred sensitive documents before discarding them?

20. Do you lock briefcases and bags containing important material in a safe place when not actually in use?

21. Do you insist on proper identification from all vendors and repair persons who come into your office?

22. Do you make regular bank deposits and avoid keeping large sums of money in the office overnight?

23. Do you clear desks of important papers every night?

24. Do you frequently change the combination to your safe?

25. When employees work alone at night do they set the door lock to prevent anyone from entering uninvited?

26. Are emergency phone numbers posted near all phones?

27. Is computer access restricted to authorized personnel and are access telephone numbers kept confidential?

28. Are all doors leading to the office protected by heavy duty, double cylinder deadbolt locks?

29. Are all windows, transoms and ventilators properly protected?

30. Is there a closing routine established to make sure that everything is properly secured prior to leaving?

31. If the office is protected by an alarm system, does the equipment work properly and is it set every night?

32. If you employ a guards, do you check their watch clock tape or dial each morning to be certain that they are doing their job properly?

33. Do you periodically review your security policies and procedures and update them where necessary?

34. Are computer files routinely backed up and backup files stored in a secure off-site location?