Aviation Expert Witness’s Aviation Accident Analysis Text ™

Aviation expert witness Captain “J” Joseph is a full time airline pilot and Colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. When hiring an aviation expert witness, Joseph recommends working with one who will pull together FAA and NTSB factual reports, interviews conducted with personnel (including witnesses and flight crews), technical support personnel interviews, and industry technical publications. His Aviation Accident Analysis Text ™ includes:

HISTORY OF FLIGHT Provides a chronological breakdown of the mishap. All phases of the flight, from pre-flight through the actual mishap, are defined.

AIRCRAFT PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS Explores the technical aspects of aircraft systems and components through all pertinent phases of the flight. A detailed examination and correlation is made between system failures and how they relate to the mishap.

PILOT PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS This portion of the text defines those critical areas of human interaction and how they relate to the accident.

CAUSAL FACTORS Outlines all possible contributory factors. Suggested factors are refuted or substantiated, predicated upon pertinent facts or other logical information.

PROBABLE CAUSE Details those factors which led to and define the actual cause of the mishap. This section of the text will often refute or redefine previous FAA or NTSB findings.

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