Aviation Expert Witness Areas of Expertise

When hiring an aviation expert witness, look for one who can provide litigation and legal support in the domain that fits your case’s fact pattern. AeroPacific Consulting breaks down general aviation into the areas of :

Aerobatics Accident investigation and reconstruction Aeronautical judgment and decision-making Aircraft loss of control Aircraft system-subsystem/failure analysis Airline operations Airline safety management Airline transport pilot Airmanship Airworthiness ATC procedures Cockpit automation Commercial flight operations CVR/FDR interpretation and analysis Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT)
Evaluation of deposition and documentation analysis Expert testimony FAA regulations Failure analysis Flight dynamics/aerodynamics Human factors Legal research Litigation support Medical qualification and certificates NTSB report analysis Pilot error Pilot/crew performance Pilot/crew “standard of care”
Pilot hiring practices and employment issues Pilot salary review and estimation Pilot/crew training Product liability Research and case preparation analysis Terrain collision and avoidance system (TCAS)
Weather/meteorological factors Witness interviews