Automotive Braking Expert Witnesses Part 2

Automotive braking expert witnesses may opine on brake failure, brake trouble, and related topics. In How well do you know your brakes? Peter D. duPre, iCARumba’s Content Editor, gives tips that will help you stop safely and alert you to possible brake problems:

Brake warning light — If the brake system warning light comes on while you are driving, it usually means you haven’t released the parking brake fully or have lost hydraulic pressure in one or both of the brake circuits. Check the parking brake first and if the light is still on, get the vehicle to a brake specialist quickly. I recommend slowing down, pulling over to the side, calling a tow truck.

Mushy pedal or no pedal — If the pedal feels mushy or falls to the floor, you’ve got a hydraulic problem that needs immediate attention. Don’t drive the vehicle. Call a tow truck and get the vehicle to a brake specialist immediately.

Brake maintenance — Except for occasionally having the brakes professionally serviced, brakes systems don’t really need much attention from the consumer. All you really need to do is check the see-through brake fluid reservoir to make sure fluid is at the proper level and top up with the correct type of brake fluid as needed. Your owner’s manual, car dealer, mechanic, or auto parts professional can tell you which type of fluid your vehicle uses.

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