Silicone Breast Implant Expert Witnesses & Injury Lawyer

Silicone breast implant expert witnesses may write reports and testify on silicone products, silicone gel-filled implants, and silicone-rubber materials. HoustonPressBlogs reports that Houston-based pharmaceutical injury lawyer Ed Blizzard was a chief negotiator in a 1990s case against Dow Corning and helped to win a $3.2 billion settlement in the silicone breast implant case. In 1991 Dow lost the lawsuit filed by Mariann Hopkins who claimed her implants had ruptured and damaged her immune system. Thomas Talcott, a former Dow Corning engineer, to testified as an expert witness on her behalf.

Blizzard is now representing about 50 people against Johnson & Johnson over what Dr. Thomas Joyce, a biomedical engineering professor at Newcastle University (UK), recently called “the biggest disaster in the history of orthopedics.” In 2010, The New York Times exposed Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy Orthopedics for surgically implanting faulty artificial hips that were designed to last 15 years or more, but instead failed after just a few years. “What has happened is the friction of metal on metal has caused a shedding of metal debris that causes bone erosion and tissue death,” says Blizzard.

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