Architecture Expert Witness On Disabled Access Lawsuits

On the Joelson Vail Associates LLC website, architecture expert witness Paul Joelson writes on the em>Top Violations in Disabled-access lawsuits.

Signs missing, wrong or incomplete. Example: A sign says that anyone parking illegally in accessible parking spots will be towed, but fails to name the towing company or provide a phone number.

Site barriers. Examples: A walkway has obstructions such as cracks or fire hydrants, making it difficult for a wheelchair to pass through. A parking lot lacks a defined path from the disabled parking to a sidewalk.

Parking stalls or aisles. Examples: A parking stall isn’t striped properly or an aisle is too narrow.

Curb ramps. Example: There is a curb ramp going up from the accessible parking spot to the sidewalk, but no ramp allowing a person in a wheelchair to get from the sidewalk to the store entryway.