Agricultural Expert Witness On Forensic Agronomy

Certified Professional Agronomist Dale Softley serves as an agricultural expert witness in agricultural fraud cases. In Forensic Agronomy, a new tool to solve old problems, Softley describes forensic agronomy:

Forensic agronomy is the using of agronomic procedures to measure and verify facts pertaining to agricultural claims or losses. Once facts have been quantified and documented there is reduced room for argument, and the emotion of that issue is minimized for the case.

Agronomy is the general study or science of crop production that includes a large number of subtopics such as: genetics, fertility, soil, chemicals, range and grassland management,
as well as production practices and procedures.

In my opinion fraud includes everything from misrepresentation of a loss by falsifying the value, amount, or quality of an alleged damage, to misappropriation of funds for coverage or loss.