Advertising Expert Witness On Print Media

Advertising expert witness Paul Wright, is a principal of SignValue. This SignValue survey includes bad news for print media:

1) Contrary to previously published survey results, 24.7% of all respondents here indicated that their 2009 media expenditures will remain flat to potentially increase approximately 10% over 2008.

2) As a result of economic slowdown, 40% of respondents shifted dollars into e-mail marketing from print.

3) 42.1% of respondents believe that media purchasing power per dollar has increased over the last 12 months 0-10%

4) Almost half (48.2%) have diverted dollars from print to other media because of closings.

5) Until the economy recovers, 37.5% of respondents were seeking media opportunities; 35.7% were going to spend the bare minimum.

6) Exactly half believe media allocation to return to peak levels in 2001.

7) A little more than half (59.6%) expect the economy to recover in 2011.