Cross Examination of Legal Nurse Consultant Expert Witnesses Part 2

Legal nurse consultant expert witnesses may testify on general nursing, surgical nursing, palliative care, and medical record review, as well as related issues. In “Nurse experts: Are YOU prepared for cross-examination?” by Juris Educational Resource Knowledge guest blogger Lori Combs RN, LNC, writes that “Extensive preparation is needed to ensure the expert is well versed with the case and is prepared for the dreaded cross-examination.”

According to Jim McElhaney (2011), a Litigation Columnist at the ABA Journal, there are eight ways to cross-examine a witness, both expert and lay[1]. First stated is that opposing counsel (OC) is going to try and make the witness their witness. They will try to get them to speak on their clients behalf instead of going at them head on in a defense attack. This occurs when the OC switches the questioning around so that you, as the LNC witness, will be talking about their client in a manner that is more beneficial to their issues.