Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness On Diving Injuries

Accident investigation expert witness Steven Barsky is Principal of Marine Marketing and Consulting, a consulting business for the diving and marine-related industries. In Analysis of a Diving Accident: Death of a Diver, the expert witness writes:

Nothing is more tragic than the death or serious injury of a diver, especially when the accident could have been easily prevented. In most diving accident cases where I have consulted, there are usually multiple mistakes made by both the diver and the dive team…

There are two important lessons to be learned by divers… First, and foremost, if the company you are working for does not adhere to all aspects of the ADCI Consensus Standards, you need to tactfully point out any deficiencies in their work practices and strive to get them corrected. If the company blatantly disregards the ADCI Consensus Standards and refuses to revise their practices, then you need to look for another place to work. With the shortage of divers today, nobody should have to put up with a company that does not follow safe practices.

Hand-in hand with the previous recommendation is to always wear a bail-out bottle. There is no good reason for every diver not to be equipped with a bail-out bottle. The expense is minimal, and a bottle will rarely if ever impede your work. Yes, there is a possibility that a bail-out bottle could cause you to become entangled with lines or net in certain environments, but the benefits far outweigh the risks.

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