Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness Says Father Drowned 3 Sons Deliberately

Accident reconstruction expert witness Glen Urquhart says Robert Farquharson, a man accused of killing his three sons by driving his car into a dam, would have steered the vehicle toward the water. The expert witness says Farquharson made three distinct steering movements before the car entered the dam at between 60 to 80 mph. Urquhart testified that the car made an initial sharp turn to the right, then straightened and finally made a more subtle turn to the right before it entered the water. also writes:

Farquharson, 38, was at the wheel of his car with his three children inside when it plunged into a farm dam in Winchelsea, south-west of Melbourne, on Father’s Day 2005. The children – Jai, 10, Tyler, seven, and Bailey, two – drowned in the dam at Winchelsea while he swam to safety. The court has heard Farquharson said he had a coughing fit, blacked out and woke as the car was in the dam. However, the prosecution alleges he deliberately drove into the dam to get back at his estranged wife.