Accident Reconstruction Expert Witnesses Describe “Crash Team”

The Marion, IN Police Department’s accident reconstruction team is made up of five officers who receive special training for the “crash team.” Officer Chris Butche says “It’s such a challenge to try to take something of little importance to an accident and to try to take that and turn it into something beneficial to the accident.” Members of the team use complex mathematical formulas to determine variables like speed and distance and must be ready to respond at any time, sometimes working quickly to find evidence before it is lost due to snow or rain. The also reports accident reconstruction expert witness and team member Amber Richards stating:
“You always work your accident backwards,” said Richards, explaining that police always begin by investigating the moment of impact then branch out to find how the cars moved after the collision, if headlights were on or if passengers were wearing seat belts, among other factors. Accident reconstruction officers can press criminal charges against drivers who cause accidents through negligence. They often serve as expert witnesses in civil and criminal trials and their research can lead to traffic signal changes at dangerous intersections.