Medical Malpractice Expert Witness Report Part 3

In How to Write a Medical Malpractice Expert Witness Report, attorney Vivian Pearson explains:

Your medical malpractice expert witness report should be targeted to your attorney’s specifications. Before you begin to prepare your report, know what he or she is expecting in terms or length, formatting, font, and amount of details to include. To ensure that you meet your attorney’s guidelines and ensure you are paid on time, give your attorney a draft of the report to review before you put it in final form.

5. Give an objective medical assessment of the situation. To ensure that your report is valuable, discuss the medical issues accurately and in-depth, but avoid using medical jargon or overly-technical language that the attorneys and other parties to the case may not understand.

6. Explain how the medical evidence backs up your opinion using specific information about the case. Make sure that you have concrete medical facts to back up conclusions you make about the legal ramifications of the malpractice action.

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