Insurance Expert Witness On Expert Assignments Part 11

In When the Phone Rings … Twelve Questions for Prospective Expert Witness Assignments, insurance expert witness Kevin M. Quinley, CPCU, ARM, AIC, writes:

(12) How did you find me? The answer can be valuable “intel” about your marketing and where you get the most bang for your promotional buck. Did the lawyer find you through a paid ad, a directory, an Internet listing, a Google search, by word of mouth? How? Keep track of how you get referrals. Consider beefing up your investment in those media. This question helps you fine tune your business development efforts, though chances are you may want to have fishing lines in each of these marketing “ponds” to maximize the odds of getting calls.

This is not an exhaustive list, and some of these questions may be unnecessary, depending on what the prospective client covers in the initial discussions. Other consultants and experts may adapt this template to the needs of a particular case. Getting these questions out in the open and getting straight answers can help the expert make a fully informed decision about accepting a case and determining the appropriate pricing approach.

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